Friday, September 18, 2009

Austere Leaders ..

I've been reading lately in newspapers, the editorial pages that hold the letters to the editor.. have been lately complaints about how the austerity being practised by the Congress party is a mere show and how it is useless for the "Aam aadmi",, first of all these people calling themselves the aam aadmi are probably writing from air conditioned rooms, getting a good salary, and if nothing else eating three times a day.. People suffering seem to have no place for an opinion.. moreover they have no clue that things like these are happening.. they're still waiting for the people they put in power to help them out.
And people in power are eihter using it as a publicity tool or just making themselves look grand, and those who aren't in power and are educated enough are doing nothing but criticizing those in power and making them and themselves and the whole country look like fools.. Can we do something about it?? Can we take up a decision - the country as a whole to do something about it instead of standing back and hypocritically complaining about what the Congress is doing??
Oh yeah and about Rahul Gandhi's trip costing a crore or so.. he's making that money and spending it.. if you make that money you'd spend it to throughout ages it has been and will be.. those who have money to spend will spend it.. those who don't will save it.. why be jealus, find your own way to get there!..
erm.. however i cannot agree with the idea of Leaders travelling with common people.. i think it might end up being a huge threat in terms of security to the leaders themselves and the people they're travelling with.

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