Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Fresh Start...

leaving yesterday behind isn't very easy.. I mean literally.. like break off.. and start new again..
but i decided to do so.. and this time not because i failed in love or an examination.. but becuase of a grave mistake i made..
the turn of events had been such.. that it started changing me.. and the consequences have been so far drastic..
Even from the way i think.. right to the way i behave in public.. everything has changed.
but "move on" is something people tell me...
Fine, so now that i decided to move on..
How do i cut off those people from my life, who mean a lot to me.. or to whom i am important..
How do i cut off from places that need my presence.. or my interests that need my time...

Anyway.. starting a new blog is a first.. atleast that isn't a difficult task.

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