Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jaswawant Singh's new book..

I came across an article in The Indian Express dated August 17th 2009, about CNN-IBN's exclusive telecast on an iterview with Shri. Jaswant Singh on his recent biographical book about Mohammed Ali Jinnah.
I did a google search and came across this:
--- A site on the same regard quoted the following---
Jaswant Singh sparked off a controversy when he told Karan Thapar in "Devil's Advocate", which was aired on CNN-IBN Sunday and Monday, that: "Nehru believed in a highly centralized polity. That's what he wanted India to be. Jinnah wanted a federal polity. That even Gandhi accepted. Nehru didn't. Consistently, he stood in the way of a federal India until 1947 when it became a partitioned India." (to read further Click Here)
Back in school.. history classes meant paragraphs being read out by the teacher from an NCERT book.. While half of us got bored in the process and dozed off.. the rest would sit upright and careful to underline long sentences, important words and make notes. I did try it on and off, but never consistently.. I think they should get the student to read this interview and have a debate of sort on these characters that we so often read in our history text books.
(more coming on the same topic)

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