Thursday, April 15, 2010


Went to Vagamon with family for a couple of days.. an outing..
was a nice trip..

The high ranges here in Kerala are wonderful to travel ( if you're not prone to travelling sickness).. Also, one needs to have a good control on 'nature calls' especially if one's a girl.. there are no clean toilets to relieve oneself..

It gets slightly cold up there at this time of the year.. not like really cold but reasonably.. The fog's the best part.. feels nice :)

As you travel up, the path is full of hairpin curves (gave me a headache uphill).. and you feel like your ear gets plugged with something...

Thats' about it :)


  1. Rather than talking abt the place.. U have bitched abt it!!! :P

  2. @Arun: Hehhe.. true.. i re-read my own post.. you're right :P