Saturday, March 6, 2010


Just like i learnt how to play the guitar with free online lessons (:D)
i tried experimenting with learning how to play drums.. ( armed with a pair of drumsticks and a rubber pad to tap on..)
a Google search, a few websites, a few more than couple of trials with the drumsticks, and mom's yelling about the sound later.. I decided it was a bad idea..and that everything can't be learnt online by everyone.. and managed to write this entry instead...

Also meanwhile, chatting with George(whom my mother referred to as the "white colored fellow" for his pinkyish-fair skin i think), Neha's friend.. who called me crazy for saying that I live in a box..

I like the idea of living in a box.. only if you'd understand what the box is.. not that i'm going to explain it..

But he made me realize(even while he didn't know he was doing so) that i love my mom.. even with her "these unnatural, unexpected, shrill-voiced, incomprehensible type of outbursts of a very lecture-ous nature" (as I told him on the chat...)

I also figured during this chat.. that i have bookmarked 32 pages since I've started using this laptop and i haven't opened any of them ever again.. except Akshaya's blog which i bookmarked yesterday.

So anyway, today was an okay okay day.. i ate a lot of things.. junk things... and read out the ingredients in Coca-cola to GK.. i think that was the most exciting thing about today (So you can imagine what the rest was like)..

I'm wishing right now, that a tree would grow outside my house .. a tree that has money instead of leaves( Indian currency preferred for i really don't have time to go exchange currency). Don't ask me why I am wishing that.. I wish a lot of things.. not many of them happen..

Chester's(my dog) barking his guts out... he hates me right now for not having given him his food on time..
I guess i should go do that..

Just right now I can see my mom staring at a custard apple that's growing in the lawn.. 1 custard apple... I think she's trying to figure out by looking at it for long .. if its ripe or not..
Mom's and Dad's are geniuses aren't they...  Somehow one of them always has an answer to your question... and if they don't .. they look it up with you.. :D.. online...

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