Monday, March 29, 2010


It was almost 7 in the evening and Karen sat on the side of the window looking towards the busy street with slow moving traffic... It was drizzling slightly and the city looked damp and dreary. 

She'd been back from office early today and had placed herself at the same spot for about an hour and a half now..She'd been sitting there in her favorite grey t-shirt and a packet of cigarettes almost halfway through.. Her face showed no particular expression, it looked almost blank. Her curly hair looked unkempt and her eyes looked sad..

Her motionlessness, though, made her look feeling-less in a very tired sort of a way...

Karen's house was on the 8th floor, a three room apartment, barely furnished. She stayed here with her golden Labrador whom she called Spot. Karen had very few friends, mostly from work, but they were never with her beyond office hours. She did hang out with Aaron, but that had been only till last  night. 

She had no clue why he'd left all of a sudden, he'd blamed her of lying to him... she didn't remember doing so.. She'd made quite sure infact, that she never hid things from him.. she was sure he knew her, way too well .. she just couldn't figure out. She had tried calling him again and again and again... he answered once to tell her it was "over".

She felt helpless... But then she knew there was no use trying.. he did not appear interested in getting back together.. she pretended she enjoyed being alone.. the truth was that she felt lonely... her own mistakes were the cause she believed always but for this once...she had just no idea!

Spot lay at her feet .. She hadn't switched on the lights yet... the bright lights from the street lamps made only her silhouette visible from within the apartment..

She did wish he'd return..

She missed him, but then.. Que Sera Sera.


  1. Oooooooo.......thats a bit too good for my own sake...
    I don't know, if its a real story or not...but i know that the exact same thing happened to me, except that it was a girl who said its "over"....
    Its tough and i know it...

  2. evaa.. change ur theme.. difficult to read..

  3. @ Mirror > Happens to most of us does it not?
    and then we do it to someone else.. its like a cicle..
    and like they say "What goes around, comes around" :)

    @Ibnu > Thanks man, changed the theme ;)

  4. yeah...what goes around comes around...
    well sung by timberlake actually.
    I like the song and the music to it..